We have been working restlessly to ensure new processes are upheld to the highest standards for our guests and technicians.


If a minor (ages 17 or younger) is dependent upon a a parent or guardian to pay for their service at the end of their session, parental consent must be given prior to starting all services requested.

All technicians require verbal confirmation from parents before we can provide any nail services on children. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all nail salons following the same protocols?

All Happiness Nails & Spa locations are independently owned and franchised. Our salon specifically has been following the Center of Disease Control (CDC),  State of California and the United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s guidelines to ensure all guests are safe.

This includes the temporary suspension of Dip Powder services and same-time services.

Are you still accepting walk-ins?

As of 8/23/20, we are currently accepting walk-ins, but appointments are encouraged. Appointments are always prioritized. Wait times for walk-ins can vary depending on availability. Please remember that our staff is reduced and could exceed normal wait times. 

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